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Check Out The Latest Gadgets On The Tech Scene In 2015 (Part II)

October 13th - On this weeks Tech Round-up we look at the worlds first projection watch, a device that will let you find ANYTHING and the technology that electrocutes you or gives you money based on your habits. Check it out!

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It's Not Rocket Science: Give Your Customers A Choice And They Will Keep Coming Back

Customer Choice - a word full of fear for many companies. Truth is, if you want to advance, its crucial that you understand how to keep your customers happy, and that's exactly what I'll teach you today. Case Study Examples: Munchery, Optimind and Zappos. 

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Customer Commitment: Are you holding your customers hostage?

Would it surprise you to know that customers don't always stick with you for the right reasons? However, its your duty to turn those reasons around. Read more to find out how. 

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10 MORE Unique Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Wine (P2)

Continue increasing those brain cells... here are 10 MORE facts about wine you probably had no idea about!

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Comical Complaints: #2 Verizon + Math = Fail

Do you think there's a difference between 0.002 cents and 0.002 dollars. Because Verizon doesn't.

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Special Interview with EAT24 - The Customer Happiness Champions

How do companies create an unbreakable tie with their customers? BritWit asks EAT24, the USA's tastiest food delivery provider in a special feature interview. Hungry for a little learning? Well, tuck in to this. 

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Comical Complaints: #1 The Pizza With No Topping

BritWit's compilation of the funniest Customer Service Complaints out there. Its time to take your laughter medicine. 

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3 Common (& Avoidable) Customer Service Pitfalls That Destroy Your Customer Relationships

Customer Service teams are a VITAL component of all companies. If you are doing any of these THREE things, stop NOW as you are more than likely losing your customers. 

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