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The Story of the Human Wine Decanter

If you think you've seen some pretty horrific decanters in your lifetime, perhaps its time you heard about the Human Decanter. Hey! Maybe you'll even want to try it.. I hear the aeration is impeccable. 

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Comical Complaints: #2 Verizon + Math = Fail

Do you think there's a difference between 0.002 cents and 0.002 dollars. Because Verizon doesn't.

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Comical Complaints: #1 The Pizza With No Topping

BritWit's compilation of the funniest Customer Service Complaints out there. Its time to take your laughter medicine. 

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The Top 8 Animal Gifs According to Reddit

I decided to scour through hundreds of posts on reddit listing the best 'gifs' out there. Here are the top 8 gifs redditor's picked for animals!

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The most FRUSTRATING Customer Service call you've EVER heard.

If you are able to get all the way through this soundbite of what is quite possibly the WORST recorded customer service call, EVER, then frankly, you deserve a medal.

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8 Highly Unfortunate Circumstances That Will Greatly Amuse You.

Today's forecast brings laughter and amusement accompanied slight shower of embarrassment, someone else's embarrassment, that is. Have a laugh, on us...

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5 "Networking Personalities" that make you a complete JERK

Connecting with like-minded professionals is an important to aspect to many job roles. The effectiveness of those conversation is based on how you present yourself. Here are five personality traits that completely destroy any chance of building a relationship with others.

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10 'Work Memes/Jokes' That Will Make You Smile

10 work memes/jokes that are sure to make you laugh! - Add a little laughter to your day. 

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