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Check Out The Latest Gadgets On The Tech Scene In 2015 (Part II)

This week on BritWit's 'Tech Round-up', take a glance at the worlds first projection wrist watch, discover the technology that will keep everything you love safe and get to know the first ever habit changing electrocution device.


The First Projection Watch

Ritot New Technology 2015 BritWit

With the age of 'wearable devices' very much upon us, it was only a matter of time before a company decided to try and take things up a notch. Introducing the worlds first projection watch. Now you may be slightly skeptical, as was I, but this Indiegogo project that requested just $50k of funding received a staggering $1.5M investment, so clearly someone thinks this is going to work out. With wireless charging, waterproof design and an array of unisex colors the Ritot also connects to your phone to alert you of incoming calls, messages, calendar reminders and more. Still interested? Check out the video below and pre-order yours today. 

Pre-Order here for $199


Never Lose Anything Ever Again.

Tile App Find Lost Items

Tile excites me, because not only is it incredibly effective, it's also bloody good value. The notion of the tile is to help you find anything, anywhere and it has several features that allow you to do just that. You can attach tile to anything, a laptop, your keys, your bike, literally anything. When you lose your item, simply log on to the app on anyones phone and locate your item through distance or sound. 

The cloud based system also allows you to find items you share with others as well. Say for example, you share a car with your sister, she brought the car back home but left the house without telling you where the keys are. With tile, problem solved. 

Probably the coolest feature tile has is its ability to track down stolen items. If you hide a tile in your bike and it gets stolen, tile can automatically trace its location by utilising signals from other peoples tiles if in range of your own. Much like Apples 'Find My Phone' made everyones life significantly easier, tile will do just that, but on a much larger scale. I don't know about you, but i'll certainly be buying a couple of these. 

Pre-Order Here For $20


The Habit Changing Device That Shocks You

Pavlok Gadget 2015 BritWit

Here is our final tech treat of the day and I have to say, I really haven't seen anything like it before. Pavlov takes its name from the classical conditioning theorist Pavlov, because quite frankly, that's exactly what it does. The sole aim behind this piece of technology is to help you break your bad habits and replace them with good ones. 

With a simple user-interface in the Pavlov app, you can choose and manage what habits you wish to achieve - whether thats working out in the gym, going to dance class, learning a new language or just eating healthily. The secret behind Pavlov is its community focus, as you team up with others for social and moral support to achieve your goals. If you do well your community circle will report that and in turn you will win prizes and rewards (even money). However, if you slack or aren't breaking bad habits, your community circle will vote you down and you will be punished through fines, phone blocks, electric shocks or other bizarre and shameful ways yet to be discovered. 

With a stress on accountability, Pavlov believes you will feel motivated to stay on track, because your actions are being judged by others and so you will want to perform well. As i said, it really is the first of its kind and I can't but feel a little freaked out by wearing a device that has the ability to electrocute meat the mercy of my friends. 

Pre-Order Here - $149

Well that's it for this week, let me know what you think in the comments below!