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It's Not Rocket Science: Give Your Customers A Choice And They Will Keep Coming Back

Customer Choice - a word full of fear for many companies. Truth is, if you want to advance, its crucial that you understand how to keep your customers happy, and that's exactly what I'll teach you today. Case Study Examples: Munchery, Optimind and Zappos. 

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Strategic Customer Advocacy - Why and How It's So IMPORTANT (Part III)

Part 3 of this Customer Advocacy Strategy Series. Today we focus on the sheer value of knowledge creation and how to embrace it from both customers and employees to influence Advocacy.

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Customer Advocacy - Why and How it's so IMPORTANT (Part II)

Part II of the "Customer Advocacy: How To Make Your Customers Do Your Marketing FOR YOU" Series. This week we look at how you can build CUSTOMER INVOLVEMENT. 

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Customer Commitment: Are you holding your customers hostage?

Would it surprise you to know that customers don't always stick with you for the right reasons? However, its your duty to turn those reasons around. Read more to find out how. 

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