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Drink Wine? Then You NEED The Worlds Best Wine App.

Over the past several years I've gotten heavily involved with wine. I've dabbled in making it, i've had a shot at marketing it and I now write frequent articles as a journalist for a wine magazine. However, when it comes to wine, it wouldn't surprise you to know that my most valuable skill, without question, is the drinking of it. 

Best Wine App BritWit Vivino

Vivino is a one stop guide, guru and genius of wine. Available on iPhone, Android and Windows phones, the app allows you to capture what you've drank, discover what you haven't and connect with a community of over 5 million users. 

The following reasons are why you need to get out your phone, visit your app store and download Vivino right this second.

Upload & Rate Your Wines In Seconds

Upload wines with ease, rate them and give a little tasting description to remember exactly what made this wine so special, or not so special!

Best Wine App BritWit Vivino

Personal Profile & Stats

Your very own profile and stats page so people know what your wine world is all about. Have a browse at your latest wine reviews, check out how many followers like them and spark up a conversation with the world wine community. 

Best Wine App BritWit Vivino

A-Z List Of All Your Wines

All of your wines are never more than the click of a button away. Trying to find that Californian Zinfandel you had three weeks ago? Easy - just hit the filter bar and you'll have it in front of you within seconds. The coolest part? Vivino will even show you EXACTLY where your wine can be purchased again, lets talk about convenient?!

Best Wine App BritWit Vivino

Top Lists & Personalized Recommendations

Vivino looks at what you drink and puts together personal recommendations based on your highest ratings. Not only that but frequent community contributed top lists are created - so deciding what wine to take to that dinner party next Saturday becomes an effortless task. 

Best Wine App BritWit Vivino

Wines On Your Doorstep What's Nearby?

Never struggle to find wine again. Vivino shows you all the wines available at your local stores, so you can plan out what you want to bring home and taste before you even step in the store. Explore wine reviews, ratings and even how much it costs.

Best Wine App BritWit Vivino

These are just some of the reasons that Vivino is an absolute must for those who like their wine. Whats more...a little bird tells me that Vivino has an update with brand new features on the horizon, so stay tuned for another BritWit article in the near future outlining each of those and what it means for us!

By now, you should be sold, so head over to your iPhone, Android or Windows phone and download Vivino, or click on the icons below to find out more!

Already a member? Follow me on Vivino and we can be even better friends ;)

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