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Customer Advocacy - Why and How it's so IMPORTANT (Part II)

Part II of the "Customer Advocacy: How To Make Your Customers Do Your Marketing FOR YOU" Series. This week we look at how you can build CUSTOMER INVOLVEMENT. 

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Customer Advocacy - Why and How it's so IMPORTANT (Part I)

Learn this now and be AHEAD of the game. An Bite-Size ABC Guide to Customer Advocates. Case Examples from EAT24. 

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Customer Commitment: Are you holding your customers hostage?

Would it surprise you to know that customers don't always stick with you for the right reasons? However, its your duty to turn those reasons around. Read more to find out how. 

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Special Interview with EAT24 - The Customer Happiness Champions

How do companies create an unbreakable tie with their customers? BritWit asks EAT24, the USA's tastiest food delivery provider in a special feature interview. Hungry for a little learning? Well, tuck in to this. 

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The most FRUSTRATING Customer Service call you've EVER heard.

If you are able to get all the way through this soundbite of what is quite possibly the WORST recorded customer service call, EVER, then frankly, you deserve a medal.

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4 Personality Traits That Will Make You A Social Magnet

The way you come across in a social setting greatly determines the relationships you will build. These 5 personality traits set you out as a social magnet, find them in your inner-self. 

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5 "Networking Personalities" that make you a complete JERK

Connecting with like-minded professionals is an important to aspect to many job roles. The effectiveness of those conversation is based on how you present yourself. Here are five personality traits that completely destroy any chance of building a relationship with others.

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3 Common (& Avoidable) Customer Service Pitfalls That Destroy Your Customer Relationships

Customer Service teams are a VITAL component of all companies. If you are doing any of these THREE things, stop NOW as you are more than likely losing your customers. 

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