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LoopUp: The Company That Brought Productivity and Employee Happiness To The World Of Conference Calling.

Throughout my career I've always wanted simplicity and effectiveness when it comes to the products and services I use. After all, its their purpose to allow me to be BETTER at my job. Time consuming and irrelevant tasks not only take up a huge chunk of your day, but they make you irritated, frustrated and unable to perform at an optimum level. Seeing that promotion fade further into the distance as you begin to question your mental health due to constant stress, isn't what you should be experiencing. To be quite honest, if companies are only going to add frustration to our lives, they don't deserve to to have us as a client. 

Today I aim to change that for you - I'm going to focus on a company that brings productivity to a whole new level, allowing their users to focus on what's iMPORTANT. Not only this, but their platform has been crafted to such perfection that they leave anyone using it feeling refreshed, motivated and most importantly - happy. With that said, allow me to introduce you to LoopUp.

LoopUp is a sophisticated app and web platform that takes all of the annoyance and confusion out of web meetings and conference calls.  Gone are the days of dialling in tedious passwords over and over before the system finally accepts them. Behind us, is the frustration of having to get approval from web admins to be able to screen-share something as simple as a powerpoint presentation. LoopUp's technology gets past this, you can screen share your docs without others downloading them and when starting a conference or web meeting, LoopUp's technology will CALL each party, so you can focus on whats important. 

Lets face it, there's nothing more upsetting than having a conference call with a potential client or for a huge project and everything going haywire: someone has an incorrect password, you don't know whose in the conference, background noise makes the meeting come across unprofessional - these are all problems we face with ineffective conference software and they can tarnish opportunities we've worked so hard to accomplish. First impressions mean everything and if there are problems on day one, this is the opinion that will be left with what would have been your future clients. 

In sum, these guys help you remain focused - they cut out the nonsense and confusion we come across all too often when trying to organize something as simple as a conference call and integrate various tools that put the word time management into full effect.

So how does LoopUp work exactly? Let's check it out:

Invite a contact to join a LoopUp conference call with literally 2 clicks, yes, its as simple and pain free as two clicks. Did I mention you can do this on mail providers like Outlook and Yahoo, on LoopUp's sophisticated web browser tool OR directly through your smartphone. Genius. The invite contains a direct link so your recipients can gain access to the future call and you can even dial in international numbers with complete ease.

Real time push notifications to your phone and on the web platform let you know when someone has joined the conference call, so you know when everyone is ready to go. But here's the best bit -clicking a simple "Join" icon either in the invite email, web platform or app will get LoopUp's technology to CALL YOUR PHONE - dial-in numbers and pass-codes? A thing of the past. However, because LoopUp understands the importance of Customer Success, they give their customers CHOICE, so if you do decide that dial-in numbers are best for you, they will happily set you up with that method in addition!

When the call has started, the simplistic and pain-free atmosphere only continues to thrive. You will always know who is in the call and who is talking, so if there is background noise, one hit of MUTE will solve that problem. In the case that someone is missing from the call, it takes all of 5 seconds to add them in by utilizing the contact book feature. 

What about sharing screens? With many conference call platforms, invitees have to go through the tedious process of downloading more software in order to share content. Not with LoopUp. With one click of the orange button you can share whatever is on your screen or allow others do the same. 


So there you have it. Its easy, its simple and its productive. Whether your an advertising agency, law firm or venture capitalist - LoopUp's technology helps everyone to focus their time and energy on the things that matter the most. 

Check out their website for more information or to watch their intro video that goes into more detail as to how LoopUp can help YOU.