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SPOTLIGHT GADGET: Leeo, Inc. The Smart Alert Nightlight That Could SAVE Your Life

Hands down, one of the best products I've ever written about. The world talks about putting technology to good use, building solutions to problems and enabling us to lead safer and healthier lives. While the health aspect has witnessed crazy growth over the past year, the safety element has somewhat lacked behind. Until Leeo came along, that is. Leeo has multiple uses and fits comfortably and stealthily into the home as a nightlight which can change to any colour on the spectrum. So whether your trying to get the baby to sleep, make sure your kids snooze without nightmares or just don't want to trip over a hairdryer on the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night - practicality is there. But nightlight aside, there is so so much more to Leeo.

We all make innocent mistakes, whether its as small as leaving a pair of hair straighteners on or forgetting to turn a space heater off when we leave the house. God forbid a fire does actually break out, Leeo recognizes the frequency of your alarm and will automatically notify you of what is going on. The same scenario happens for both Carbon Monoxide alarms or if temperature/humidity levels raise to abnormal levels. 

Upon receiving a notification on your smart phone you can listen to what sounds are actually coming from your home to determine whats going on. If you deem there to be a potential threat, one click of a button will notify your friends and neighbours, asking them to check on your house. But what if by listening you know there is a serious problem? Another single click will automatically notify 911 of the issue, so the problem can be dealt with sooner, rather than later. 

Listen, Notify, Call, Control.


...and a variety of features through the incredibly simple and sleek app user interface.

Leeo Inc Smart Alert Nightlight

The final thing you can do is check out Leeo's official product launch video, which I have to say - really hits the spot.

So there you go. Safety is a paramount and this really does revolutionise the ability to look after our home from afar. If what you've seen here today inspires you to get a Leeo of your own, you can do so for $99 by clicking this link here.

Thanks for reading and share this with anyone who has children, frequently travels or that you think may be interested!