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Complimenting: The Not-So-Secret Method To Living A Perk-Filled Life.

Short post today: Over the past months, I've given tips and guides as to how customers can effectively complain to companies when they've endured an unpleasant experience. If you want to check those out you can click here:

However, in today's article, i'd like to focus on the opposite: Complimenting.

The average complaint rate from negative customer experiences is 7%. What do you think the average compliment rate is for an amazing experience? Close to 0%, thats what. The truth is, it never really crosses someones mind to go out of their way in order to thank an employee for making their day - its more of an 'expectation' - but today - we're going to help change that. Further even if it does cross someones mind, its assumed that the company will take care of it, but how will the company know someone did well unless you tell them!?

So how can you compliment an employee for doing an awesome job? A variety of ways really...

In-Person to either them self or their manager
Phone Call asking for the manager of said employee
Email asking it to be directed to manager of employee
Or if you want to be old school... a mailed letter!

Those of you who have read my articles for a while, will know that it doesn't just stop there. Complimenting someone and getting them praise for doing a good job isn't just a noble thing, it  also makes you friends in good places - especially in the service world. And that? That opens doors. I suppose you could say there is some strategic thinking to this, after all, we are human. But the point remains the same, as humans we spend so much time complaining and NOT ENOUGH complimenting. 

There's a reason I've been able to get first flight class upgrades, invites to club lounges I shouldn't technically be in and reservation bumps to SF's highest rated restaurants - by being NICE.