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4 Personality Traits That Will Make You A Social Magnet

Last week I focused on the 5 personality traits you should avoid at all costs when in a social setting to prospect or connect with likeminded professionals. The article got a great response, so thank you very much for reading and sharing it, you make the time I put into writing these so very worth it! This time we focus on 4 personality traits that I would implore you find within your inner-self to succeed and become a social magnet. 




This trait takes the positivity of an optimist, combining it with the sensibility and straight forwardness of a realist. Everyone is attracted to someone who emits positivity and comes across in a happy and inviting manner. Add to that the ability to have a constructive conversation in a way that won't offend anyone and your well on the way to gaining extra credibility. When people know they can have a deep and meaningful conversation with you in a non-threatening environment, you will become one of their go-to people for advice. 

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Work is only one component of getting to know someone and if you focus too heavily on that you risk scaring people away. The intriguer gets others attention by telling stories, by arousing curiosity and being an altogether interesting person. The confines of a social event go well beyond what you did at your desk that week. Talk about your life adventures, your travels, your tastebuds, your hurdles, your successes... The more you excite someones mind, the more they will want to stick around and talk to you. Be a person people WANT to be around for simply being who you are.




If the situation presents itself, never be afraid to pay someone a compliment. Many people are too afraid and conscious to say anything, but paying someone a compliment you believe in could very well make their day. Are they dressed well? Did they just tell you an incredible story? Did you read an article they wrote? Did they say something interesting? The options to compliment go on and on...don't be shy, give credit where its due!

Some people may argue "but won't that sound weird or make it look like I'm hitting on them?" The answer to that is no, absolutely not. Unless you MAKE it sound that way. Just be natural and understand that its never a bad thing to go out of your way to make someone feel good about themselves. It makes you a wonderful person and those around you will see that. That's what people are drawn to. 




The genuinist cares for the welfare of others and wants them to do well. This person is willing to give a little advice or go out of their way to help someone in need. Think of this as somewhat of a pay-it-forward mentality and not just from a work stance, but a personal stance too. Obviously you haven't got all the time in the world to be mentoring and dishing out favors, but if you have a moment to help this individual in a way you feel would add some value to their life, nothing should be holding you back. Research has shown that we as humans are in our happiest state when having helped others and seen the benefits. You are a nice person and to go out of your way to help someone is a truly wonderful thing. 

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Remember, some of the best customers you will have are more than just customers, they are friends. Never underestimate the power of a simple kind gesture in this world and the value it can contribute to building a relationship. 

Thank you for reading and as always feel free to leave any comments below.

Until next time!