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The Hakkasan Solar Menu: London


Every great restaurant has it’s own unique touch, an extra bit of inspiration that makes a dining experience truly special. For Hakkasan, a Cantonese restaurant that first took London and then the world by storm, that inspiration comes from the Chinese solar year. This summer they’ve put together a menu that melds both ancient Chinese culture and with the kind of cuisine best suited to the warm weather of the summer months.


The menu consists of an eight-course meal, each course conceived with summer nutrition and Chinese philosophy in mind. The food items are delicious, featuring plenty of seafood such as seared scallops in XO sauce and chargrilled octopus, as well as plenty of fruits and vegetables. To make things even better, the ingredients are chosen not only for their flavor, but to relate to the idea of yin and yang, which holds that natural harmony which can be achieved by eating or drinking foods that help both the body and the spirit.


The menu can be paired with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic flights. With so much attention to detail, your taste buds and your body will walk away satisfied.

Hyatt Churchill Siberian Winter Terrace

Isolated from the hustle and bustle of the busy London streets, you wrap a fur throw around your shoulders and take in a deep sigh. Winter may be here, but you're sheltered in the warmth and comfort of the Siberian Hideaway and quite frankly, wouldn't have it any other way. 

Hyatt Churchill is one of those places you eagerly anticipate visiting once winter rolls around and this year was no exception to that way of thinking. With the sparkling icicles and glimmering Northern lights surrounding the entire terrace, the reindeer fur throws, pillows and hot water bottles and the embracing warmth from the heat lamps, you melt away from the stress of the outside world, sink into your chair and do that thing we rarely do these days; relax. 

With your mind at ease, the cocktails begin to flow - a carefully crafted and curated selection of Siberian themed cocktails encompassing the premium Beluga Vodka at the heart of the collection. A diverse range of Siberian themed cocktails sit in the tipple spotlight, each one with a distinct story. 

Take for example the White Fur Warrior, encompassing both sake and absinthe toasted marshmallows and based on the cultural mixes of both Siberian and Mexican traditions in the 19th century. Or the Boreal Glacier Martini based on century-old traditions which takes inspiration from Mariinsk Distillery, one of Siberia's most renowned distilleries.

Finally, great drinks deserve to sit alongside great food, which is why you'll find a selection of Siberian Winter snacks, including everything from winter fondue's to Siberian caviar. 

Drink:           9/10
Service:       9/10
Price:            $$$ 


Ember London


Just mere footsteps from Monument station a new luxury cocktail bar has risen from the flames, taking mixology genius to a whole new level. I am of course talking about the newly opened Ember. 

Hidden within the basement of an old historic building on the very street that the 'Great fire of London' began, is this new London gem. But this is no typical basement, a modern and inquisitively inviting space has taken the best part of 12 months to craft and perfect. There's even 3 hideaway rooms for private and more intimate gatherings, each with their own unique charm. 

The food is a taste sensation, a variety of small plates designed to entice your palate and evoke every taste bud within; from the sweet and salty and to the bitter and sour. Guests can expect to experience an assortment of small plates including the likes of swordfish sashimi, wagyu & foie gras sliders and goat curry to name just a few. A vast assortment of incredibly tasty and well thought dishes to evoke excitement.

It was clear from the get-go to see passion flowing from behind the bar, a seamless interaction of imbibe crafters, embracing each shake, stir and pour as if it were a theatrical performance. They know they're bar, they have the skills and by god are they not afraid to show it. Some serious thought has gone into creating these modern asian themed cocktails.

Take for example the ‘Japanese Hard Shake’, which is a modern asian twist on the espresso martini; encompassing Johnnie Walker Black Label, Araku Rum Coffee Liqueur, vanilla espresso and anise infused rice milk. Another spotlight on the menu, Matcha 3 looks to sweet-basil infused vodka, plum sake & lime juice with dry curaçao with lemongrass pearls, matcha green tea foam and micro-herbs.

The flavor combinations are to point and it's evident that the team has been working the mixology field for a while. Just as you thought you couldn't top the cocktail experience, you discover the 'Mountain Mist'. Clover infused Hennessy cognac and Bulleit rye with amaro montenegro, benedictine with chilli and ginger and orange bitters, topped off with pine-scented burnt fog that combines all senses in harmony.

So put simply, here's the summary: Ember is a place to watch and keep on your radar over 2017. It may have just opened its doors, but there is an unquestionable amount of skill that is only beginning to take form. The food is great, the drinks are fantastic and the value for money even better. 

Food:            9/10
Drink:           9/10
Service:       9/10
Price:            $$



The Purple Bar, Smith & Sinclair Edition

You enter the room, surrounded by a plush purple dream that spreads across the wall, almost like an illusion. Warmth and comfort instantly embrace your mind, heart and soul as you melt into the comfortable seating before your imbibe experience begins. 

This isn't just any cocktail menu, it's a carefully crafted bespoke experience that will make your eyes gaze in wonder as things happen that you have never quite experienced before. The boundaries of mixology are pushed to a new level as edible cocktails, perfumes, vapors and dust become the new norm. It's like Alice in Wonderland meets Charlie and the Chocolate Factory all wrapped up in one. 

The experience itself includes everything from flavour and colour enhancing cocktails that change as you drink them, to scented alcoholic lollipops, jellies and even booze themed dib-dabs for those who seek even more adventure. If that wasn't enough for you there's even a festive-infused vapour that will instantly transport your mind, body and soul to a Winter pine forest as you close your eyes and inhale. 

The pop-up itself is situated in the famous Sanderson hotel, long known for its bespoke and eloquent service. This partnership offers something never previously experienced within the London cocktail scene and allows those who like a little more 'play' in their lives to have some fun, let loose and enjoy some seriously good cocktails. 

Drink:           8/10
Service:       8/10
Price:            $$$


Painting the Roses Red
Tequila, Campari, Lime, Clementine Juice, Agave, Hibiscus, Chili and Ginger Ale
Paying tribute to Sanderson’s take on an Alice in Wonderland theme, the holiday classic Tequila Sunrise is given a Queen of Hearts makeover served with an edible playing card

Violet You're Turning Violet
Gin, Maraschino Liqueur, Triple Sec, Violet Liqueur
Bringing back memories of Parma violets, don't let your eyes deceive you with this playful twist on an Aviation that changes colour

Summer Leftovers
Vodka, St Germain, Triple Sec, Lemon, Aperol
The last tastes of summer are captured in a burst of fruit and floral, served with an edible perfume pairing for “sweeteningto taste

Rose Gold
Gin, Rosé, Campari, ‘Gold’ (edible shimmer)
A sweet and tart Negroni infused with liquid glitter and served over a chunk of ice and with a scented rose gold lollipop

Thyme for Tea
Whisky, Jasmine, Lillette, Citrus, Prosecco
Served from a signature tea pot is a sweet and refreshing jasmine nectar and citrus-infused whisky, topped with a touch of bubbly, slowly infused with Lapsang Souchong, ice thyme and sage


Cafe Monico

You find yourself in the heart of London in the blistering cold, surrounded by crowds of people left, right and centre - but before you sits a solace in this madness, a haven of comfort, delicious food and most importantly, great cocktails. 

While Cafe Monico may be situated so centrally, the general vibe couldn't be more opposite. Bespoke, warm and sophisticated would be the perfect word to describe this upscale cafe that takes you back in time to a 1950's Paris era.

The downstairs bar in the perfect place to take refuge and explore one of the many Italian themed cocktails on the newly launched menu, while the simple but tasty menu combines the perfect amount of choice to allow you to take a moment to breathe and indulge. 

If you want a little more privacy then the upstairs balcony area is ideal. Little pockets of private tables nestle around the antique oak walls, each conversation it's own. There's a reason Soho House properties have such a great reputation and that's because they take into consideration every minor detail. Every touch, from the glassware to the ambience and even the bread and gourmet churned butter brought to the table - they get it. 

Food:            8/10
Drink:           8/10
Service:       9/10
Price:            $$

The Bloomsbury Club

Hidden beneath the finesse of Doyle Collections’ Bloomsbury Hotel sits a quaint yet sophisticated bar, teeming with cocktail creativity. A speakeasy mixed with Mad Men vibe on the inside opens out to a rustic and cozy outdoor patio on the outside. The well placed heat lamps keep you warm, so you can spend the entire evening sitting beneath stone arches in all-embracing comfort and privacy.

I always take my hat off to a bar that invites Mixologists from around the globe to come in-house and help them perfect their craft -- and that’s exactly what Bloomsbury has done. Teaming up with a variety of World’s Best Bars, including The Clumsies and BlackTail they continue to push the boundaries of cocktail innovation.

There's a marvelous old school feel the this place which resonates throughout the entirety of the cocktail menu, new twists on old favourties accross a spectrum of gin, rum, whisky and tequila. There's even a couple of exciting surprises thrown into the mix, such as the Gin & Milk cocktail, which was not at all what you'd expect in a truly fantastical kind of way. The highlight of the experience is that not only can you bank on getting a delicious cocktail, it becomes without the typical London price-tag, costing you around £10 per serve. 

You can't help but notice subtle Italian themes peeking through every now and again, especially when it comes to a good old fashioned Negroni, which I have to say Bloomsbury kicks ass at. In an effort to drum up some more excitement and create a personal and tailored experience they will also soon be launching the ability to have your very own barrel filled with a Negroni style cocktail. The thinking behind this being; when you arrive at the venue, you have your own personal stash you can delve into. A solid idea with a wonderfully personally feel to it that compliments the look and feel to this venue so incredibly well.

Well all know that when great food and drink combine they create an other-worldly experience and Bloomsbury is no stranger to this way of thinking – with an incredible nibble menu at the heart of this bar. Whether it’s the quail scotch eggs, lobster taco’s or charcuterie boards that tickle your fancy, these gourmet treats hit the spot, rich in flavor and combine beautifully with the bespoke cocktail menu.

All in all this is a fabulous up-and-coming venue that could really do with some more love from cocktail enthusiasts. The space is incredibly inviting, warm and cosy and I can quite confidently say that I will be returning soon. With cocktails around the £10 mark, it’s an absolute steal considering the quality.

Where: The Bloomsbury Hotel
Address: 16-22 Great Russell St, Fitzrovia, London WC1B 3NN
Phone: 020 7347 1000

Food:            8/10
Drink:           8/10
Service:       10/10
Price:            $$

MASH: The Modern American Steak House

MASH stands for “Modern American Steak House”, and this restaurant brings the best of the classic US culinary institutions to Brewer St. in central London’s Soho neighborhood. MASH‘s main claim to fame is quality preparation of some of the finest cuts of meat in the world— Japanese Wagyu, Danish dry-aged beef, and of course succulent American corn-fed beef, but the recently revamped cocktail list is creating a well-deserved buzz around town.

Inspired by a tasting and exploring trip around the United States, head barman Miroslav Panos and a talented supporting crew came up with some inspired concoctions mainly based on classic American spirits like bourbon and rye but also including a couple of interesting tequila-based libations and even an intriguing absinth-based “La Fee Verte” (The Green Fairy).

The bar itself is a classy basement establishment, calling to mind an elegant 1920’s speakeasy with soft lighting, red leather stools, accents in warm shades of red and gold, and an Art Deco esthetic. The “Boston Tea Party” is a good way to start the evening (concocted from Hendricks gin, green tea, elderflower, and lemon) and the “What’s Your Fashion?” is an audience-participatory Old Fashioned in which guests can choose the flavors that most appeal.

Either come for the steak and stay for the cocktails, or come for the atmospheric bar scene and exceptional adult beverages alone; this is a basement bar from which one doesn’t want to ascend too quickly.

M Victoria

Our favorite thing about M Victoria Street , Martin Williams’ latest fine dining and nightlife venture an eight minute walk from London’s Victoria Station, is the sheer number of options the venue offers to wine, dine, taste, socialize, and just generally eat, drink, and be merry.

From the high end wine shop through which one enters the restaurant (offering tasting portions from automated dispensers and a “Bottomless Bellini Brunch” on its veranda) to the two sides of the dining room (sumptuous world class steaks at M Grill and ultra-healthy fresh sashimi at Raw Bar) M Victoria has a seat, a glass, and a plate to please even the most discerning of London diners.

M Grill offers steaks from six countries, from Kansas USDA Prime filet mignon or T-bone to Australian Grade 9++ Blackmore Wagyu and mouthwatering sauces to accompany the high quality cuts—from a rich burnt butter emulsion to a fresh, vibrant chimichurri. Want to top your steak with a half lobster or fresh truffles? Sure, M Grill can do that for you.

M Raw Bar serves up favorites like Yellow Fin tuna sushi and soft shell crab sashimi as well as more unusual offerings like kangaroo tartare—probably inspired by Executive Chef Michael Reid’s recent return to the UK from Australia. Whether it’s for a romantic Friday night out with a loved one, cocktails in the chic basement bar with friends on a Saturday night, or a Sunday brunch with Grandma watching her get tipsy on Bellinis, M Victoria has your weekend covered. Just show up.

Myki Sand Bar

Craving an icy tropical cocktail with your toes sinking into the sand, but with no immediate plans to jet off to Santorini or Mallorca? Look no further than Archer Street in Soho for a beach-conjuring escape in central London at Myki Sand Bar, a glamorous pop-up bar that carves a little slice of beach paradise into the unlikely vessel of an urban basement bar.

Furnished and decorated in gleaming whites and blues that call to mind magical Greek islands on the aquamarine Aegean with photos of iconic stretches of sand, palm trees, and of course, an actual sand floor (plan ahead with footwear, stilettoes not encouraged) Myki Sand Bar brings the beach holiday to you, even if only for a few relaxing hours.

Opened in late May and carrying on with the beach party vibe until late October, Myki offers a creative menu of original and classic tropical cocktails featuring Cîroc vodkas and other top quality craft spirits. Try the designed-to-be-shared “Pure Shores”, an oversized cocktail portioned for four featuring Cîroc, pistachio, lime juice, salted watermelon, mint leaves and soda water and be transported instantly from a dreary work week trapped in an office to the bliss of golden sand, lapping waves, and a blissed out atmosphere. Okay, Myki won’t quite substitute for a couple of weeks in Santorini, but it’s a lovely escape—no passport required.

The Savoy

Step into a world that takes you back several decades and witness London in all its glory, with a heritage that is truly like none other. Mix that with a little 1960’s America vibe in two of the most exclusive cocktail bars in England and you have yourself The Savoy. But English heritage aside, we’re talking about a hotel that prides itself in the world of alcohol, the Savoy Collection being a prime example of that and something we’re really excited to share with you today.

The American Bar

With its entrance located in the heart of the foyer, the American Bar can be anything you want it to be. Take in the vibrant atmosphere with a group as you chat away or observe single handedly in peace as you admire the pianist doing what he does best with an unbelievably good cocktail in hand. Order anything from the extensive cocktail menu, full of distinctive classics and local twists; either way, you’re sure to be impressed. Make sure to call ahead and make a reservation, the American Bar is one of the most popular spots in London for travelers and cocktail enthusiasts alike.

The Beaufort Bar

There is no question that Beaufort is a definite contender for one of London’s most extravagant cocktail bars. I mean lets face it, there’s not many places that have a hand-crafted cocktail trolley pull up to your table, and believe me when I tell you, its quite an experience to witness. As if the ambience couldn’t be topped, the state of the art pop-up drinks menu really is the garnish to the cocktail.

I guarantee you’ve never seen anything like it before nor will you see anything like it again. The vibe of the room embraces you, taking you back several decades as if you’re in the heart of London just after WWII. Every detail is met to perfection, including each cocktail you will see crafted before your very eyes. The Beaufort is a London gem, a place that like many other bars cannot be replicated in any way, shape or form.

The Savoy Collection

As if two of the most prestigious bars in the country wasn’t enough, The Savoy is home to one of the worlds most luxurious and limited spirit collections.

Decades ago when The Savoy had first opened its doors, there was a spirit collection so prestigious that only the most loyal guests were able to taste. It was the hotels way of saying ‘thank you’ – to the people who kept its doors open and to those who had supported what was to become one of the most famous hotels in the world. A couple of years ago the hotel had a realization… why not re-introduce this custom? Why not once again say thank you to those who are at the core of The Savoy community? And so it was re-born.

While only launched in 2013, this collection already boasts multiple one-of-a-kind spirits, bottled exclusively for The Savoy and to be enjoyed by a handful of the most loyal returning guests and discerned imbibers. The idea is simple; partner with some of the worlds most legendary spirits to create a collection, so unique, that those lucky enough to get their hands on a bottle will keep it locked away while it ages to its peak potential. Obviously these spirits can be enjoyed now and are clearly divine, but we’re with The Savoy on this one, buy now, drink later. They do say ‘patience is a virtue’ after all…

Curated by a leading panel of award-winning bartenders and the Savoy’s own team of drink experts, each sensation is carefully picked, bottled, labeled and presented immaculately. Incredibly limited quantities of each spirit produced to ensure they remain a rare and hard to come by delight, every bottle being hand-numbered. With names like Laphroaig and Martini sitting at the heart of the collection, the centerpiece gem is presented in a custom-made glass masterpiece, the elusive 125th Anniversary Decanter filled with the rarest Speyside whisky to date; the 48 year-old Macallan single malt scotch.

The Savoy Collection currently has extremely limited quantities of:

  • 21 year-old Macallan
  • 17-year old Laphroaig
  • The Royal Suite Reserve Cognac
  • Savoy Martini Bitters
  • Demerara Rum from Guyana 1975
  • The 125th Anniversary Decanter (Macallan 48 year-old single malt whisky)

So there you have it, you read the list, you’ve licked your lips and you’re probably rummaging through your liquor cabinet right about now. I’ll leave you with this; sometimes when you look really closely at something you realize it’s not just black and white. While The Savoy is one of London’s most historic hotels, it is also at the very heart of our drinks industry, a pioneer and innovator of its time and a curator of what will become some of the rarest and most sought after spirits on this planet.

We’ll cheers to that.

Cinnamon Kitchen

The City of London: filled with a vast array of bars and eateries to satisfy any person’s palette. With thousands of restaurants to choose from, most make their choice based on recommendation; choose a restaurant they know well or the closest one to their destination.

But what about those hidden gems? The undiscovered? The ones that aren’t necessarily easy to find unless you stumble upon them or are told of their existence. That was exactly my experience of Cinnamon Kitchen.

Just a short walk from the hustle and bustle of Liverpool Station, the restaurant is located in the heart of Devonshire Square, Formerly warehouses for the East India Company, the new developments add a more modern feel. The restaurant isn’t an easy to find but this adds something special to this place. Neighbouring a number of bars with a roof overhead the area is the perfect place to eat and relax after a busy day at work, socialising with friends or a formal gathering. Somehow the space has an intimate feel which almost makes you feel like you’re not in London at all!

When you arrive at the restaurant, a chique, stylish and understated place where you immediately feel relaxed and comfortable, The staff members offer to take your coat and see you to your table beginning your visit on a beautiful note. The comfortable outdoor seating along with the Indian inspired decor and fire tikis collectively simulate the cosines of your own home.

The cocktails were aplenty in choice, each with it’s own personality and a mixture of traditional indian fruits and flavoring to cater to your taste buds. For those of you who prefer to have alcohol free cocktails, they offer a mocktail selection or to adapt their classics. A truly refreshing experience.

With the talents of CEO and executive chef Vivek Singh’s, the flavors of the modern Indian cuisine shine through. As soon as you’re presented with the menu, you’re greeted with a variety of classic options with their own ‘Cinnamon Club inspired’ twist. Their unique approach to such classic dishes continue to push the culinary boundaries beyond what we think to be possible. We were first offered a basket of fresh bread (garlic and plain naan and a sweet naan) complemented by a selection of dips. These weren’t your typical flavors that you would receive at any restaurant and the attention to detail was clear. Each dip and bread worked together so that each bite was a delicious experience.

The Lucknowi Chicken Biriyani I chose was presented in a cosy metal bowl, the fusion of flavors in each dish being a delight to experience. The chicken was succulent and cooked to perfection and just the right portions to really have a perfect meal. Saving just enough room for dessert, the ice cream trio was a perfect way to close this dinner.

As we drank tea to unwind and reflect on our evening, all I can say is that this whole experience was a very special one. From the staff, to the hidden location, the food and the ambience, this is definitely one place I will be visiting again. And I think that next time you’re in the area, you should too.

A special thanks to all of the polite, attentive and helpful staff who made this visit such an enjoyable experience.

Address: 9 Devonshire Square, London EC2M 4YL
Telephone: 020 7626 5000
Nearest tube: Liverpool Street

Opening Hours:
Lunch Monday – Friday: 12.00 – 14.45
Dinner Monday – Saturday: 18.00 – 22.45

The Blue Boar

Long ago when Westminster (England’s political hotspot), was being raised from the ground, there stood a pub called the ‘Blue Boar’. As the local gathering spot, it stood true to its traditional English roots; British ales flowed, local music entertained and Gentlemen went about discussing their work affairs and political stance. Sadly, after a promising number of years, the Blue Boar shut it doors, until just recently, of course.

Patrons of Westminster may once again flourish in merriment with a variety of local brews, live music, and a décor that places the Blue Boar as one of the most entertaining pubs in London. Customers can gaze in awe and laughter at the politically humored artwork strategically placed throughout the surroundings of the bar, each piece telling its own story. Brownie points are awarded to those who not only understand the joke, but the political relevance and history to each piece.

At the center of London’s political world, the Blue Boar is no stranger to MP’s and key political figures, many of whom would call this fine establishment their second home. In fact, the place has become such a hotspot for the political world that MP’s decided to create a petition. For what may you ask? Well, let’s just say the Blue Boar Bar is the only drinking hole in London to have its very own MP Bell. It seems the Blue Boar has become such a popular destination for MP’s in-between voting, that an 8 minute warning bell sounds so that they can briskly walk back to the House of Commons just in time to create a little history. They do say beer makes us wiser after all…

The Blue Boar isn’t just known for its carefully acquired beer selection. An extensive cocktail list awaits the explorers amongst us in both alcohol and non-alcohol forms, there truly is something for everyone. Those who wish to have a little more privacy are also invited to  use of the private cocktail room, lathered in a plush décor, comfortable couches, and a charming, dimly lit atmosphere. The food is another world altogether, with Head Chef, Rob Stevens at the helms of a traditionally crafted British menu with added quirks of gourmet creativity. Having had years of experience working with British fare, Rob brings an extensive number of locally sourced suppliers to the table, to create some truly delightful dishes while promoting advocacy for true British cuisine.

Although Blue Boar is technically a separate entity that can be entered from a number of doors on the street (like any pub should be!), it resides snuggly in the corner of The Conrad, St. James, directly across the street from St. James Underground. Recently taken over by the Hilton Group, The Conrad has seen and will continue to see multiple changes as it finds its inner-self in the heart of this political region. The observant ones amongst us will notice the wall designs comprising of fingerprints throughout the whole building, adding to the mystery and political wonder that we witness only too frequently. The walls aren’t the only things to have changed, with the hotel boasting some of the most architecturally savvy rooms in London. A sleek and sophisticated design with all the modern quirks allow guests to feel comfortably at home. Add to this a state of the art media system, brand new Nespresso coffee machines and heated bathroom flooring amongst an ongoing list of perks and you can easily see why Conrad is becoming such a popular destination to sleep, drink and explore.

Who ever thought politics could be so fun?

The Athenaeum Hotel

Centrally located in the infamous Mayfair opposite the tranquil Green Park proudly stands the recently refurbished Athenaeum Hotel & Residences. Aside from the renovations, Athenaeum welcomes Michelin starred chefs The Galvin Brothers at the culinary hem to complete the final touches and push the hotel into a new era.

Stay for short time in one of their rooms, suites, or the spacious Penthouse Suite that overlooks the London skyline. If you’re looking to call Mayfair your home, consider one of eighteen luxury serviced apartments located in the Victorian redbrick townhouses adjacent to the hotel. All come fully equipped with a kitchen, spacious living areas, and 24-hour in room dining. Many of the apartments can interconnect making them ideal for families, groups, and long-term stays.

Food, alongside exemplary customer services and superb amenities, is a major theme at the Athenaeum. Galvin at The Athenaeum is the latest establishment from the Galvin Brothers, Chris and Jeff. The brothers have stepped away from their usual French inspired menus in favor of Britain’s local produce. Their well-received menu supports independent UK farmers and puts a modern twist on classic British favorites.

Whether you’re here for a short stay or to call Athenaeum your home, this family-run five-star hotel and residence has an independent spirit that keeps guests coming back for another stay.

116 Piccadilly
London W1J 7BJ
T: +44 (0)20 7499 3464

Dinner By Heston Blumenthal

Deciding this restaurants name came with a bit of research and originality stemming from not only the word but also what they serve. Dinner is best known as a main meal eaten around midday or in the evening that can be formal or casual. Before affordable candles were made available and gaslight was invented, dinner was taken at midday before night blanketed the sky. Depending on an individual’s location and profession, dinner was still up to their discretion and even today dinner might be served midday and onwards. Thus, Dinner by Heston Blumenthal earned its proper and quirky name. Created by Heston Blumenthal himself, Dinner has earned recognition for both its London and Melbourne locations.

Blumenthal is a well-known and respected British celebrity chef for those who are unaware of his reputation. Before embarking on Dinner, Blumenthal became a proprietor for the critically acclaimed The Fat Duck—one of four Great Britain restaurants to earn three Michelin stars. With his rich and successful culinary background, Blumenthal always takes a scientific method to his food and its this fascination with historic gastronomy that lead to the opening of his first restaurant, Dinner, in 2011.

Blumenthal and co-chef Ashley Palmer-Watts drafted a menu whose discoveries and fascinations blend historic culinary approaches with the ever-evolving modern day methodologies. Their research spanned from 14th century cookbooks such as those used by royal chefs to Lewis Carol’s flights of fancy to utilizing food historians to tapping into the world of the British Library. The resulting menu entices and excites diners with an experience unlike any other.

Noting the food needed a compatible dining atmosphere, Blumenthal conceived an interior suggestive of a subtle, elegant portrait. The floor-to-ceiling walls give guests a clear view of the kitchen while the ivory painted walls sport custom-made porcelain wall sconces. The guests also can enjoy uninterrupted views of Hyde Park.

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal has the looks, the reputation, and continuously happy diners; it’s truly the full package deal. Get your reservation now

Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park
66 Knightsbridge,
London SW1X 7LA
Phone: +44 (0)20 7201 3833


The Hilton Bankside

Representing the next generation of design-led Hilton Hotels, Hilton London Bankside sits proudly in the ever-convenient location in central Bankside. Tate Modern, Borough Market, and The Shard amongst other must visit landmarks are all within reasonable distance. Hilton London Bankside offers guests a range of rooming styles so suit all needs. From classic guest rooms to suites to executive rooms to accessible rooms, this hotel has it covered whether you’re here for a romantic getaway, family vacation, or business trip.

Keep yourself and everyone else healthy and fit in the well-maintained on-site fitness center and pool. Set the kiddos up for the night with a certified babysitter while you and your partner hit the town. Secure a meeting room to impress fellow business partners in your upcoming gathering.

If you’d rather stay in for the evening, the Hilton London Bankside has you covered. Enjoy a bite to eat at the Oxbo Bankside. This historic yet upscale restaurant serves delectable dishes featuring regionally sourced artisan meats, fish, herd, and vegetables. Open for business all day, the Oxbo Bankside will entice you to come again for your second choice on the menu. For a more going out whilst staying in vibe, saunter on over to The Distillery. True to its name, The Distillery whips up signature cocktails, sharing platters, and bar snacks. Be sure to try a cocktail with their homemade aromatics, infusions, and bitters.

With lots to offer within Hilton London Bankside and within its general location, this hotel is not one to pass up when visiting London. 


The Capital Hotel, Knightsbridge

Going on forty years strong under the original Levin ownership, the Capital Hotel in Knightsbridge boasts outstanding staff, family heritage, and unwavering loyalty. Given its rich history, the Capital upholds classic British design with modern upgrades here and there. This award winning miniature sized grand hotel possesses all the luxurious advantages of a large establishment yet maintains a warm and intimate atmosphere that allows guests and staff to interact with each other on a personal level.

The Capital has excellent service alongside spectacular location. The wondrous hotel sits elegantly on Basil Street adjacent to the lavish Knightsbridge apartments and just minutes from Knightsbridge Tube Station as well as Harvey Nichols, the Victoria & Albert Museum, Hyde Park, and the designer shops of Sloane Street.

If location isn’t enough, the Capital might be able to entice wine lovers with their very own award winning vineyard, Levin Wines, in the Loire Valley. And, for those who enjoy sweets, they also have a bakery, The London Bakery, which delivers to high-end restaurants and clubs all across London. The Levin’s couldn’t just stick with one hotel, a winery, and a bakery; they also own and operate the Levin Hotel and the Metro Bistro.

So, what we’re saying is, the Levin’s know a thing or two about hosting and can ensure your stay is of the highest quality. From their quaint classic queen room to their spacious two-bedroom suite and all rooms in between, you’ll want to book your stay at the Capital Hotel.

The Capital Hotel is a proud member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World, a unique collection of luxury hotels across the world that have won countless awards for their food, drink, service and hospitality.

22-24 Basil Street, Knightsbridge, London SW3 1AT
Reservation Tel: 0800 0482 314
Reservation Website: 

Gông: Cocktails In The Sky

Gông, the upscale cocktail bar on the 52nd floor of the Shangri-La Hotel on St Thomas Street in London, may be the most atmospheric spot in The Big Smoke to sip a sunset cocktail. One can watch the city dramatically illuminate below one’s highly coveted viewpoint at the edge of the highest bar in London sipping an inspired creation by one of Gông’s talented mixologists or a glass of bubbly from their extensive collection of specialty champagne and sparkling wine.

Designed by esteemed Hong Kong architect André Fu, Gông is Eastern themed and named for the prevalent Chinese architectural element called “dougong”, a traditional style of interlocking wooden brackets seen throughout the elevated lounge. The Gông bar in its entirety actually consists of three separate wining, dining, and lounging areas—the cocktail bar, the champagne bar, and a spectacular infinity pool, all of which afford jaw-dropping vistas of the London skyline, the iconic London Tower Bridge, and the River Thames.

The cocktail menu at Gông changes seasonally, but the current list is playfully eclectic, suggesting different groupings of libations to coincide with various stages in human life. In the childhood-inspired “Wonder Years” section, one can sample a “Born to Fly” concoction of Grey Goose, fig, basil, citrus and a French aperitif. The more daring (or nostalgic) can go for the “Kinder Candy” which incorporates chocolate, peanut butter, balsamic, and a milk reduction. The menu segues through a “First Kiss” and “Grown-ups” portion before ending with refined cocktails like the “#NTO” (Not Too Old) crafted of Remy Martin VSOP, ginger and lemon shrubs, orange, Martini Gran Lusso, and maple syrup in the “Old School” grouping.

The view and the drinks are definitely the main affair, but for those looking something light to accompany cocktails, Gông offers small plates like Portland crab with passion fruit and cucumber, wasabi and ginger-cured salmon with Yuzu cream, or beetroot and butternut squash with honeycomb and pistachio. All things considered, Gông possesses every element necessary for a memorable night out in London, and a few special details to elevate “memorable” to “unforgettable”.


DoubleTree Hilton Westminster

Located in central Westminster with easy access to the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, Tate Britain, London’s Theatre District, and the Square Mile, DoubleTree by Hilton London-Westminster really takes home first prize for its prime time location by allowing guests to fully make the most of their time in Britain’s capital. When you first walk in, be prepared to count on stylish comfort and one of DoubleTree’s signature chocolate chip cookies (yum!).

Kick back in your room while looking out your magnificent floor-to-ceiling windows. Switch on your iMac TV/PC to catch up on your favorite shows or get some work done with your complimentary WiFi. Should you fancy a bit more space than the average room, feel free to ask for an upgrade to an Executive room or suite on the upper floors of the hotel. With the upgrade, you’ll gain admittance to the Executive lounge that serves complimentary breakfast and evening drinks and appetizers. Other amenities include a fitness room, the refurbished bar Millbank Lounge, and City Café for all your breakfast wishes.

Outside of DoubleTree, you’ll find yourself submerged into London’s cultural and business hub. There’s plenty to see and do. Take an afternoon stroll and find what catches your fancy including sightseeing, shopping, and shows. Make the most out of your stay in London at DoubleTree by Hilton London-Westminster.

30 John Islip Street, London, SW1P 4DD,
United Kingdom
TEL: +44-207-630-1000

28-50 Maddox Street

I’ve always been fond of the saying that advises that “life is uncertain; eat dessert first”…but sometimes I like to replace the word “dessert” with the word “champagne”. The champagne bar at 28-50 Wine Workshop and Kitchen in London’s upscale Mayfair district is a lovely place to begin your meal, end your meal, or perhaps both on an industrious Saturday night?

 With over 40 choices of bubbly the downstairs bar also boasts a prime location for people-watching adjacent to vibrant Maddox Street. The food menu at 28-50 changes regularly to reflect the changing seasons, and Chef Patron’s fresh, flavorful, and not-overly-adorned European cuisine is prepared with wine in mind.